Aberdeen adventure

The original, completely arbitrary, plan was to cycle in a vaguely anticlockwise direction round mainland Britain starting from Bury St Edmunds in April 2016, by heading east and turning left at Southwold.

An idea to skirt the coast was ditched after a shake-down trip to Brighton which convinced me it would be better to seek quiet roads and interesting places instead.

By the time we set off, the actual plan was somewhat vague, and amounted to this:

We may get all the way up Scotland, down to Wales and the South West of England and back to Suffolk by bicycle, and we may not – there are a great many unknowns. But we’ll keep going as long as we are enjoying ourselves.

We’ll camp along the way and self-cater as far as possible. Hopefully we can take advantage of the kindness of friends and of fellow cyclists via Warm Showers, and pitch the tent in people’s gardens as well as using camp sites and perhaps even doing some ‘wild camping’.

As it turned out, we did get to Scotland – as far as Aberdeen – and that was enough.  But it was great while it lasted.  The relevant blog posts are tagged “Aberdeen trip” but probably easiest to navigate by starting here, at the beginning.  I will write it up properly at some point.