And we’re off!

Our tour of Britain (working title) has begun and the big adventure is underway.  We did nearly 40 miles today to a farm east of Framlingham, pushed all the way by a lovely tailwind. There was some weather en route (thunder, hail, sunshine, rain) but luckily it was sunny and dry for setting up camp tonight.

2016-04-29 20.42.52
There aren’t too many other backpacker tents here (in fact, none), which may be because of the limited facilities (none). I did know that beforehand, but it was a relief to see a water tap.

Raisin has enjoyed almost nonstop balley since we arrived and she likes it here. It seemed important to keep her occupied so she wouldn’t go exploring the farm, and the free range chickens up by the farmhouse in particular. It was disappointing, then, to see the cockerel strutting into our field mid-balley. He just did not care. Luckily Raisin obeyed me and left him alone, which is a first. Normally our chicken encounters don’t go very well.  Perhaps it’s a good omen for our trip.




6 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. Are we able to send you stuff anywhere? Thinking of you lovely adventurous girl (and hound!!) as you embark on the epic adventure!

  2. Libby, You have been a great help to me with your Depression Lab site and I’m excited to follow you on your new adventure! I’ll be cheering you on all the way from beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. Best of luck to you and Raisin!!

    1. Thanks Julie that is so kind of you. This is the ultimate Depression Lab experiment in ‘getting out the door’ which I find so difficult when I am low and yet which helps me more than anything.

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