Under East Anglian skies

Raisin and I spent a warm but cramped night, snuggled together in the sleeping bag, neither of us able to move without disturbing the other. The tent outer crackled with ice when I unzipped the door this morning. More of the same is forecast for tonight.

For reasons I can’t easily explain, I decided to stay at this campsite near Framlingham another night and we have had a lovely day following footpaths (on foot) from the site to Cransford.

2016-04-30 17.40.32

Raisin is doing a lot of sniffing around the farm and finding plenty of interesting smells to explore. She has eaten a few unidentifiable things she’s found on the ground before I could stop her, which makes me rather nervous but she is still alive as I write, thank goodness. My hot water bottle.






And we’re off!

Our tour of Britain (working title) has begun and the big adventure is underway.  We did nearly 40 miles today to a farm east of Framlingham, pushed all the way by a lovely tailwind. There was some weather en route (thunder, hail, sunshine, rain) but luckily it was sunny and dry for setting up camp tonight.

2016-04-29 20.42.52
There aren’t too many other backpacker tents here (in fact, none), which may be because of the limited facilities (none). I did know that beforehand, but it was a relief to see a water tap.

Raisin has enjoyed almost nonstop balley since we arrived and she likes it here. It seemed important to keep her occupied so she wouldn’t go exploring the farm, and the free range chickens up by the farmhouse in particular. It was disappointing, then, to see the cockerel strutting into our field mid-balley. He just did not care. Luckily Raisin obeyed me and left him alone, which is a first. Normally our chicken encounters don’t go very well.  Perhaps it’s a good omen for our trip.




Flight delayed

sleetBeing the brave adventurer that I am (not), the Batgirl and Raisin Tour of Britain grand depart didn’t happen as planned on Sunday, on account of the weather forecast for Tuesday: snow on the north Norfolk coast with gale force winds. Since this is where we planned to be on Tues, I decided to wait at base camp till the worst of it has passed.

My feelings about this aren’t good. All the excitement has been replaced by wimpish regret, and there is now no excuse not to do the tedious housework type jobs I simply didn’t have time to complete before Sunday. Oh well, at least it’s warm and dry and home. And cleaner by the hour.